Fingerhut/WebBank Scam

In the SEC we are more than fans, we’re family. We might fight each other but we will also fight for each other. I am in a fight, and I need your help. Apparently, I was a victim of identity theft. However, when I tried to clear the matter up, I was not only insulted but attacked in a way that I can not let go.

I am going to be producing several videos over the next few days but I wanted to give you a quick background as to why. This picture is WebBank VP Robert Marx. He not only accused me of lying but completely ignored all the documentation I sent him.

Robert claims that I opened an account with Fingerhut on February 3, 2009. However, when they sent me the credit application, it was NOT my SS#, NOT my address, NOT my phone number, and most of all NOT my credit application. The only thing that was accurate was my date of birth.

Now according to the lies of Robert Marx, I did not use this card until December 18, 2013. That is correct, they are saying I opened an account, at an address I never lived at, with a social security number that is not mine, and waited 1,779 days before I used it.

Also today I received a similar letter from Christopher Lindquist ( basically calling me a liar. They did say I could send in a theft report. They failed to acknowledge that I sent 15 to and another 11 to With not one response. I faxed them eight times and called four times. NOTHING.

In the next few days I am going to show you how they treated me and how they broke several business laws. I need your help to share the message until they acknowledge the horrific way they treated me.