Six Takeaways from the Crimson Tides Spring Game

1. Bryce Young is the future, but plenty of questions remain.

Bryce Young is the QB of the future for Alabama, but the same concerns that I had before the game remained after the Spring. We already knew he has an elite arm and football IQ. The question was his height and weight. I don’t believe his height will be much of an issue. I do still have concerns about his size. He showed a willingness to step up in the pocket and hit his target. However, he also knew the defensive players couldn’t hit him. He looks tiny out there but does have amazing feet when scrambling.

This team will only go as far as Bryce’s health. There is no Jaylen-Tua or Tua-Mac combo in Tuscaloosa right now.

2. The Wide Receivers are young but very talented.

I believe this will be a season of growth for the Tide WR’s. This is not the same as Henry Ruggs III and Jerry Jeudy handing over the reigns to Devonta Smith and Jaylen Waddle. There is not that type of experience, but there is plenty of talent.

How quickly they develop will decide how far this offense goes in 2021. Simple things like when to release inside and outside will help this unit grow exponentially. There were three SC top 10 catches but were made out of bounds for this reason and negated. The talent is undeniable, though.

3. The offensive line is a work in progress.

Even the most die-hard Crimson Tide fan knows that the offensive line will see a step backward this season. How far back is impossible to tell at this point. Alabama, like most teams, is fighting some injuries right now on the OL. The lack of continuity was on full display but should be a problem that works itself out with more reps in the fall. Emil Ekiyor, Evan Neal, and Chris Owens will likely be starters, but there are no less than six highly skilled linemen looking to fill the final spots.

4. Expect a big season from the RB’s and TE’s

There is no shortage of running back talent at the University of Alabama. This will likely be one of those seasons where there is a more significant emphasis on the unit than just one player. The Tide has four running backs that could start at most SEC schools because of their ability in both the running and the passing game.

Probably the biggest jump for me was by the TE’s. Jahleel Billingsley and Cameron Latu could end up being the best TE duo in the SEC. With an inexperienced QB, these two could become primary targets.

5. The defense will take a step (maybe two) forward.

The defense is projected to get better just based on the amount of talent they have returning. However, my takeaway is that they may be a step or two ahead of where I thought. They have an excellent pass rush, athletic linebackers, and uber-talented secondary that could mean big things for the Crimson Tide next season.

Can they limit the mental errors that have become synonymous with the Tide defenses the last few years? There were not many in the scrimmage, but Latu’s 59-yard touchdown was costly. For all the criticism Pete Golding has received, it appears he has the defense headed in the right direction quickly.

6. Them Freshman though

The Crimson Tide coming off the highest-rated class in recruiting history, appear to be worth all the hype. If Kool-Aid McKinstry and Agiye Hall are any indications, this class will exceed expectations. Hall’s ability to catch balls in traffic reminded me of UGA wide receive George Pickens right away. Kool-Aid has 1st round written all over him and should be a starter very early into the season.



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