No. 8 Breakout Player: MarShawn Lloyd

I rarely add freshman players to my breakout players list, but MarShawn Lloyd is different. The Gamecocks have not had a 1000-yard rusher since 2013. Marshawn will break that streak within his first two seasons, if not this year.
The Gamecocks have been in desperate need of an elite running back for several years but their wait is over. Here is my scouting report of MarShawn from last year:

MarShawn is a strong, sturdy, well-built runner with a lower center of gravity. He is one of the more complete and well-rounded backs in this class and has a college-ready decisive style that should make him able to contribute immediately at South Carolina.

Lloyd displays very good vision, both in-line to find the cutback and outside to bounce the stretch play. He has the ability to get through tight creases for big gainers. He is a well-balanced runner who gets low behind his pads and is very difficult to knock off his feet. He consistently breaks arm tackles and bounces off contact when he gains momentum. He is a back who looks to get North and find the downhill crease without a lot of wasted cuts.

If South Carolina can remain competitive in the majority of their games, Lloyd will land somewhere between 800-1200 total yards this season.

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