Devon Williams

Outside linebacker
210 lbs
Dr. SEC Recruiting Ranking
247 Composite Ranking
High School
Dublin Coffman
Current Team
Kentucky Wildcats

Devon Williams is a physical linebacker prospect that runs well with very good burst and pursuit speed. He has an athletic frame that should allow him to pack on more good weight once he hits a college weight room. His frame should be able to hold an extra 30 lbs. without losing his athleticism.

As a linebacker, he is quick to read his keys and get a downhill jump on the football. Devon shows he can beat blockers to the ball with inside-out angles. He is aggressive in pursuit while staying disciplined with his leverage. He has strong take-on skills flashing explosive jolt-back strength but would benefit from consistent leverage and improving power base.

Devon comes in hot as a tackler and will make solid contact when squared up to the ball carrier. He tackles high at times but will still strike and limit leaky yardage. He flashes low drive-through tackles with good pop from his hips but will need to come more consistent in this part of his game.

In pass coverage, he’s more than capable of covering most TE’s one-on-one. He shows good range in zone coverage and the ability to close quickly on his underneath targets. Shows some tightness in transition but this will come with time. He flashes skill as a pass rusher and blitzer and is quick to penetrate and close.

Devon is an aggressive and productive linebacker with a great motor. His success will be based upon how much muscle he can put on. Expect big contributions after a year in the strength and conditioning program.