Drake Maye

210 lbs
Dr. SEC Recruiting Ranking
247 Composite Ranking
High School
Myers Park (NC)
Current Team

Scouting Report (3/1/2020): Drake Maye possesses elite height and stature and really shows a good command of the offense. He’s extremely accurate and throws a very catchable ball when he sets his feet, addresses his target and steps into his throw. Harrison does the little things very well and he leads receivers to open areas. He shows the ability to stick it on them in tight spaces and does not miss the strike zone much. Maye consistently shows solid footwork, balance, and weight transfer.

Maye has a good arm that is capable of making all the throws especially to the short and intermediate areas of the field. He has a quick release, is able to vary his release point and when he gets into a rhythm and gets hot, he can really go on a streak and be tough to get out of the zone.

He is at his best as a pocket passer and using his release as his strength. He is only going to make minimal plays in the run game. He has the ability to buy time when needed but is not going to create a lot of plays with his feet.

Harrison is a very polished young signal-caller who already has the look of a collegiate quarterback. He has the size, poise, and arm for the next level and is a perfect fit for what Jim Chaney is looking for in a quarterback. If the Crimson Tide can continue to put high-level receivers to put around Harrison, he could grow into an All-SEC caliber quarterback if not higher.