Elijah Young

Running back
185 lbs
Dr. SEC Recruiting Ranking
247 Composite Ranking
High School
South Doyle (TN)
Current Team
Missouri Tigers

Scouting Report: (6/19/2019) Elijah Young is a difficult recruit to project because his exact position is unclear currently. Most of the uncertainty is because he is not overly big or massive at this stage but runs bigger than his stature would indicate.

In my opinion, Elijah will find his role and excel as an all-purpose back. He runs with his eyes, locates the cutback crease quickly and gears down little hitting it.  He has a great feel for the outside stretch play and runs with great patience.

Elijah has game-changing acceleration and speed and can turn the corner and go the distance outrunning second level angles. He flashes the ability to go from 0-60 in a hurry allowing him to exploit small creases for big gainers. Perhaps his most impressive skill is his ability to change direction without losing speed while cutting laterally making it difficult for defenders to seal the edge and get a clean shot.

Elijah does need to gain muscle so that he can generate the power and downhill momentum needed in the SEC. Right now he is strong and scrappy which allows him to break the first contact but not a pile mover and he can go down on arm tackles at times.

Despite the need for more mass, Elijah is a big-play back with some of the best speed and elusiveness in this class. Lack of every-down attributes and durability concerns diminishes his stock some but he should develop into a highly productive all-purpose back at the college level and a potent weapon if used creatively in a spread.

There is talk that Elijah has increased his weight to 185 lbs and he does look visibly larger in his most recent photos. As weight is his one downfall at this point, I am moving him from 3-star to 4-star and project he will have a monster senior season.