Garrett Nussmeier

180 lbs
Dr. SEC Recruiting Ranking
247 Composite Ranking
High School
Marcus (TX)
Current Team
LSU Tigers

Scouting Report (5/18/2020) Garrett Nussmeier is a fantastic prospect with adequate height but will need to have a good freshman season in the weight room. He is not as overly dynamic as some of the QBs in the 2021 class, but he has the mobility in the pocket to evade pass rushers without losing his vision downfield. When on the run, he adjust his release point and find ways to get the ball out.

Garrett is an ultra-productive prospect that stands tall and plays in command. He knows where to go with the ball, as well as any QB I have seen in the 2021 class. He is in control and decisive in the offense, and he doesn’t hold onto the ball or get locked on often. One of my favorite things about this prospect is not only his ability to keep his eyes downfield when under duress but how well he shows a pocket clock that goes off promptly.

Garrett is extremely accurate in all phases due to base and footwork, as he is very consistent in his methods. His elite footwork and eyes can manipulate coverage and throw guys open.

As sound as he is in his methods, Garrett also has a bit of a playground feel to his style of play that gives him a gunslingers appearance and confidence. He carries the ball tight to his chest, but loose and ready to fire. He also shows zip and good velocity to all three phases of the field and already makes vertical throws for the college level.

Garrett has elite mental toughness and oozes leadership skills. He possesses an “it” factor that you like to see in the position. If he works hard in the weight room, he is a player that has the IQ and skill set to play early for LSU.