Kaine Williams

205 lbs
Dr. SEC Recruiting Ranking
247 Composite Ranking
High School
John Ehret (LA)
Current Team

Kaine Williams possesses ideal size with a tall, muscular frame that should continue to fill out while retaining his great range and athleticism. He excels in coverage with instinctive ball-hawking skills and a real feel for route recognition and field awareness. He reads the quarterback eyes and knows where he is going with the football which allows for so many big plays. He is disciplined and rarely caught out of position. The ideal roaming safety who can read, react, and close on the football quickly from any alignment.

Against the pass, Williams covers a lot of ground and has ideal range/length to play a centerfielder-type role. While he transitions quickly and shows very good plant and drive ability defending underneath routes and limiting underneath production and run after the catch, he is also smooth at opening his hips and turning and running to track the deep throw. He shows very good burst getting off the hash and over the top of routes and the acceleration when the ball is in the air to get into position for the key break up or INT. He might not be a technician but wins most one-on-one situations when lined up over slots in man-to-man and even shows the ability to split out at the corner and lockdown.

He is far from just a cover guy, and against the run, he can get off the mark and aggressively come downhill and make the key run stop. He runs the alley without a lot of wasted motion but can chase the big hit to aggressively sometimes. However, he has the length and body control to provide a reliable last line of defense and make key stops in the open field as well.

The bottom line is that Williams has the skillset to become an elite safety. He’s versatile and doesn’t have many limitations as a back-end defender and may even grow into an outside linebacker or Bandit type.