Kaiya Sheron

195 lbs
Dr. SEC Recruiting Ranking
247 Composite Ranking
High School
Somerset (KY)
Current Team
Kentucky Wildcats

Scouting Report (3/24/2020) Kaiya Sheron is a big prospect from a small city that could be a hometown hero for the state of Kentucky. He is much more of a dynamic athlete then you think at first glance. He shows initial quickness in the pocket and possesses a great feel for pressure and how to navigate using both his eyes and his athleticism.

Kaiya is very calm and poised within the pocket while still displaying a constant sense of urgency. He has an innate sense of buying second passing chances, keeping his eyes downfield and always being ready to deliver second reaction throws. He can quickly get reset and balance to deliver the ball accurately when under duress.

He throws a very soft, catchable football with consistent zip. He leads receivers adequately and he can drop the ball in over the top of coverage when needed. Kaiya shows touch and timing and the ability to change ball speeds. Is not only accurate from within the pocket when he is set and balanced but also can make accurate throws downfield both on the run and across his body. His feet and eyes appear to be in sync and is very accurate when on the move both improvising and on designated roll outs to either side.

Kaiya has the arm strength to make all the necessary college-level throws from within the pocket and outside as well. ┬áHe can drive the ball deep as well as making deep sideline throws outside of the numbers–throws extremely well on the run to both sides. In fact, he throws the ball outside the numbers as well as any quarterback I have scouted for the 2021 class.

Kaiya is only going to get better with time in a college strength and conditioning program. He plays with a competitive temperament that you like to see and has one of the higher ceilings for development we have seen at the position in this class.