Tyler Macon

185 lbs
Dr. SEC Recruiting Ranking
247 Composite Ranking
High School
East Saint Louis (IL)
Current Team
Missouri Tigers

Tyler Macon is a highly productive quarterback with great intangibles for the NCAA level. Traditional scouting services will continue to overlook Tyler because he Lacks ideal bulk and height for the position. However, this is not the 1980’s where teams are lining up in the I-Formation under center. With the proper coaching and dedication, he could be a star at the collegiate level and ultimately and NFL draft pick.

Tyler is quick, agile and sudden within the pocket. He possesses a highly competitive demeanor and shows command and poise with outstanding presence and awareness for his surroundings. He throws a very catchable ball and he consistently leads targets and allows for receivers to transition upfield without making drastic adjustments. He also routinely hits the strike zone when set in the pocket, but also has an uncanny knack for making throws when he is off balance.

He shows the ability to throw a quick, smooth over-the-top delivery which aids throws from within the pocket to decrease chances of batted down balls. Tyler possesses very good arm strength and can make all the necessary throws when on time. He will need to become more consistent driving off his back foot and transferring weight on some deeper, outside the numbers throws along the sidelines which is common need at his age. He shows the ability to change ball speeds and sneak the ball into tight spots underneath.  As he continues to improve and get stronger, he could end up with elite arm strength.

Tyler is one of those guys that is so productive and physically gifted that the more you watch him, the less concerned you become about his size. His size will only be an issue if the scheme allows it to be and that should not be an issue at Mizzou. He’s the ultimate spread weapon at his best when on time or on the move as a run/pass threat. Playing in the shotgun and moving of the launch point enhances his field vision and his most important keys to success will be fine-tuning his footwork and the weight room.