Position: Tight end

Gage Wilcox

Scouting Report (3/27/2020) Gage Wilcox has good height with adequate bulk but will need to continue to add size. However, he looks to have a broad, lengthy frame that can support additional good mass with further physical development. He displays good, wiry strength with room to improve as he continues physically mature.

Gage flashes good initial burst and enough top-end speed to stretch the middle seams vertically. Will need to increase his route tree but has a good feel for soft spots working against zone coverage and is a solid route runner at this stage. He displays good timing and leaping ability to compete for jump balls downfield and in the red zone. He will consistently fight for yards and does not go down easy.

Gage displays good hands with the ability to extend and catch the ball away from his body, though can let it get into his frame on occasion. He flashes the ability to use his frame to shield defenders and displays good body control to adjust to the ball and has very good awareness when working along the sideline.

This will be an area for improvement as he continues to fill out and add strength but looks to give effort and shows good toughness. When he can gain positioning with his hands and drives his knees can generate good push but needs to continue to improve hand placement and watch pad level. With added bulk and functional strength, we feel he has the skillset to develop into a complete tight end.

Gavin McKay

Gavin McKay is an exciting prospect at tight end. He has a lean, lengthy frame that should be able to support needed additional size for the collegiate level. He displays good playing strength but will see huge gains after a single year in a college strength and conditioning program. These gains will allow him to continue to enhance his ability as an in-line blocker. He has very good top-end speed and range for a TE and his athleticism and nimble feet will serve him well at the next level.

Gavin possesses a nice blend of height and speed to work the seam and uses his hands well to clear from defenders when challenged at the line. He is athletic enough to make the first defender miss and be able to generate substantial extra yards after the catch.

When the ball is in the air, Gavin is very special. He has excellent hands and offers a large catch radius. He does an excellent job of competing for and winning most 50-50 balls downfield. His combination of height, timing, body control, and sideline awareness will make him a consistent red-zone threat at the next level.

As a blocker, Gavin gives great effort in this area and will fire out of his stance, roll hips and generally plays with decent pad level to give him an advantage in leverage. This will be the area he needs to improve in the most at the next level, this is a promising area for this player as technically he will become very sound and only get bigger.

The bottom line is if Gavin stays committed in the weight room, he has the perfect skillset for a tight end in today’s game and should develop into a consistent weapon for the Tigers throughout his career.

Drew Sanders

Scouting Report: (6/17/2019) Drew Sanders might be the most intriguing prospect in the nation. I am not a fan of giving players listed as athletes five-stars. Normally if a player doesn’t have a defined position before they arrive on campus, they’re unlikely to live up to the five-star hype. They will spend much of their college career trying to find where they fit in best. Just because a player is good at several things in high school, does not mean he will be great at one thing in college.

Sanders is different because he could be a five-star at two positions. He will likely play outside linebacker at Alabama but could develop into a first-round draft pick at tight end.

On offense he is the definition of a playmaker. Drew has played several different positions in high school, but he can get hit an open hole with impressive downhill burst and has the patience to read his blocks and LB flow when needed. He cuts on the run very well for a player his size.

As a receiver, he is a natural, confident pass catcher with quick, strong hands. He demonstrates very good body control with the ability to adjust to throws outside of frame and can track the ball well over his shoulder.

Despite all the talent he displays on the offensive side of the ball, it will be hard to keep him off the defensive side of the ball.

As a linebacker, he is smart, instinctive and very opportunistic around the football. Sanders flashes quick downhill reads and fills between the tackles. He stays clean with explosive shedding and jolt back strength. He has the speed and quickness to scrape for a lot of production outside the hashes.

Drew is a textbook tackler with explosive run through form. He does not let up leaky yardage and limits forward progress with his power. Sanders breaks down well in space and can shows good balance and body control on contact and he knows how to use leverage.

If Drew stays healthy and hungry, he will succeed on either side of the football. I personally think he could be the best tight end in the nation by the end of his sophomore season but should grow to All-Conference as an OLB too.