Position: Wide receiver

Christian Leary

Scouting Report: (6/17/2020) Christian Leary is an outstanding wide receiver prospect who is both quick and fast. He has terrific feet and agility to not only make plays in space as a ball carrier but also to stretch and win vertically. He has the rare package of having running back traits with receiving skills.

Christian shows rapid acceleration off the line with the ability to avoid contact in confined quarters. He can get to top speed in a hurry and shows the feet and explosive traits to lean and cut out of breaks with burst and separation. He consistently stays low into and out of breaks and is strong enough to nudge his way through traffic and fight through contact. He has a very nice sense of zone coverage recognition out of the slot and when to locate open voids.

In one-on-one situations, Christian can eat up cushion quickly and win. He has quick hands and catches the football cleanly in stride. He can adjust to off-target throws but is at his best when he can pluck and transition within his framework.

The bottom line is that he’s a dynamic threat in so many ways both as a receiver and ball carrier. In the spread offense, he is a fireplug as a back, slot, bubble/tunnel screen, and jet sweep weapon. He has natural jump cut abilities that allow him to navigate traffic in the open field. He can make multiple defenders miss in space and has elite vision to locate and exploit cutback lanes. I also feel he could have a significant presence and impact as a return man as he can change field position and create points in a hurry.

Agiye Hall

Scouting Report: (6/17/2020) Agiye Hall has the size, strength, speed, and playmaking ability that you would like in today’s wide receiver. He is quick and fast for his size but generally builds to top speed. He will need to polish up his route running, but he is an extremely tough kid who has the potential to contribute early in his career.

Hall drives off the line with imposing surge, and he shows savvy when finding the soft spots on option routes and getting behind defenders. He is excellent at catching balls outside of his frame, especially in the presence of defenders, and has shown the ability to make great adjustments to the ball while it’s in the air.

Hall has the athletic ability to win the majority of jump ball situations. He explodes off the line and is strong enough to beat the press. He is also not afraid to mix it up as a blocker in the run game. If he gets a straight-line in the open field, he will take it the distance the majority of the time. He is not always the smoothest receiver. and shows some tightness in the hips at times, but he is strong and tough to handle one-on-one in the open field.

The bottom line is there is no questioning Hall fits the mold of the big, fast receiver who can win deep. He is still raw in some areas but should become a force for the Tide in the future.

Bralon Brown

Bralon Brown is a tall, sturdy, and physical wide receiver with who can go up in the air and get the football. He is more straight-line fast than he is laterally sudden or explosive but does have good wiggle for his size.

Although he is not there yet, he has all the tools to be a great route runner. He is rarely challenged in press coverage, but when he is, he is strong enough to muscle through and use his wingspan to make plays. I am not saying this because he is committed to Ole Miss, but he has many of the same qualities in this area, as Laquon Treadwell did.

Bralon has strong hands and a wide reach. He plucks the ball cleanly and will come down with the contested ball most times and when in tight quarters can outmuscle the ball from defenders.

An injury slowed his season down last year but has potential to be a difference-maker vertically due to size/speed combo. On video, he appears to be more of a run and catch guy in the scheme, not the other way around. That isn’t to say he can make things happen with the ball in his hands, but he makes far more plays downfield because he can routinely win one-on-one matchups. He is the type of player who you better know where he’s lined up each time the huddle breaks..

Bralon has a very good combination of size, speed, and toughness. He’s a legit playmaker who is a threat to take it the distance every time he touches the ball. With added bulk and route running refinement, he should only get better. That combined with a frame that will probably have him finish his career in the 205-215 range, the sky is the limit.

Jacorey Brooks

Scouting Report: (5/27/2020) Jacorey Brooks is an intriguing wide receiver prospect with smooth fluidity and a long stride. He will need to add additional good weight at the next level but shouldn’t have much of a problem since he has a late bloomers frame. He doesn’t have elite speed, but he is one of those guys who is as fast or faster than whoever is chasing him.

Jacorey is faster than his times would indicate, and he will lull defenders to sleep. He deceptively covers a lot of ground and shows excellent body control and wiggle at the top of the stem to shake defenders out of their shoes. The bottom line is he flat out gets open by any means necessary.

One of Jacorey’s best traits is his ability to adjust when the ball is in the air. He will attack the ball away from his frame and at its highest point. He can elevate and shows excellent body control to pull the ball away from defenders. He also plucks on the run and quickly transitions upfield.

As I mentioned before, he is a natural playmaker when the ball is in the air. His greatest attributes revolve around ball skills and reliability in clutch situations, but he is a sneaky vertical guy that can get behind coverage due to route running prowess.

The bottom line is that Jacorey has the frame to add bulk quickly once in a college strength and conditioning program. Once he adds the needed weight, he will be a big-time threat in the red zone and 3rd down situations.

Jack Bech

Jack Bech is a physical wide receiver that possesses both height and bulk on a thick chassis. He can be a physical mismatch due to his upper body strength and loves to bully defensive backs. He appears to have good speed, but there are no official times that I can find.

He is a good route runner who shows good initial quickness and good change of direction and lateral movement skills. He gets in and out of breaks with ease and shows a very good feel for getting open versus zone and man coverage.

Jack has very good hands and catches the ball outside the framework of his body with ease. He also catches the ball in traffic with an aggressive demeanor and his body control allows him to adjust smoothly to the ball.
Jack is at his best when the ball is in the air and possesses excellent body control to make acrobatic catches. He presents a huge problem for smaller corners who try to cover or tackle him and shows the ability to pull the ball away in jump-ball situations.

The bottom line is that Jack is a strong and physical receiver with a high ceiling. He has tremendous upside and projects to be a highly productive player at the next level with the skill set to become a premier player with additional polish. He has plenty to work on but could be an early red-zone target for the Commodores.

Shadrach Banks

Shadrach Banks is an intriguing prospect at wide receiver. He looks like a power back, but moves like a perimeter player. He possesses adequate height with a great build. He has good top-end speed and shows a sneaky second gear in the open field most guys do not have.

Banks drives off the line with purpose and can get DBs to back off of him. He can take the top off a defense with both his speed as well as quick feet to stab his foot in the ground and explode out of cuts. He tends to round off too many routes but will become crisper at the next level when he can’t rely on his athleticism as much. He consistently uses his arm length, strength and body to separate or shield defenders from the ball.

Banks shows natural hand-eye coordination and is a hands catcher away from his frame. He wastes little time plucking and tucking before transitioning upfield. He has the leaping ability to elevate and extend for jump balls and will pull the ball away in a crowd. He also shows focus over the middle when he knows he’s going to get hit.

Given his measurables, Banks is a load. He can run by you, through you or around you. He has very good feet and short-area quickness and can accelerate on deep routes and track the over the shoulder ball while he’s running away from opponents. He is best at quick hitters that allow him to use his strength breaking tackles and extending plays into home runs. He is very difficult to handle in coverage or after the catch due to strength and speed.

Banks has the size and speed to be a major factor at the next level of competition. How high he reaches will be contingent upon how much he continues to improve and polish his fundamentals.

Deion Smith

Scouting Report: (3/26/2020) Deion Smith is a fantastic wide receiver prospect with good height and a frame that could support an extra 20lbs when in a college strength and conditioning program. He is both quick and smooth off the ball and he gets downfield in a hurry. He is one of those players that continues to get faster and faster the further he goes down the field.

He is deceptively quick and uses his wingspan to subtly nudge his way through tight coverage. He does a nice job from the slot navigating soft spots in coverage and knows how to settle into voids. He is more of a run and catch guy as a vertical target at this point in his career but that might be because he can’t be stopped at the high school level.

Deion is very difficult to defend in the red zone and presents a huge problem for smaller corners who try to cover or tackle him. He is one of the best in the 2021 class at tracking the ball while it’s in the air and he possesses excellent body control. He pulls the ball out of the air and can go up and highpoint the 50/50 ball with good leaping ability and strong hands. Despite routinely facing double teams and over the top coverage, he still comes down with the ball due to his body position and leaping ability.

Deion has the skill set to develop into an All-SEC wide receiver if he continues to add to his route running tree and gain the needed weight to block on the perimeter.

Jordan Mosley

Scouting Report: (3/10/20202) Jordan Mosley is a sleek athlete with wiry strength. He possesses both quickness and long field speed and he is very sudden and shifty with the ability to shift gears and accelerate. He will consistently win footraces in the open field and can create mismatches on speed alone with the ability to take the top off the defense.

He can rapidly accelerate off the ball and get downfield in a hurry. Jordan has the feet and hips to really develop into a precise and dangerous route runner. He shows flashes of knowing how to set defenders up and can stab his foot in the ground and explode out of cuts to create space and separation out of the break. He can run by DBs on speed alone, but it’s his lateral movement that makes him difficult to handle one-on-one.
Mosley handles the ball very well both as a return specialist and a pass catcher. He can adjust with the ball in the air and pluck it on the move. He is a good leaper and is very effective in contested match-ups even though he isn’t a mammoth target. He jumps and extends above his head with good body control and can make the difficult catch look easy.

Mosley Is a game-changer in the return game. Has a great feel for this area — very decisive, tough and slippery. He can make multiple defenders miss and flip field position in a hurry and take a quick hitter and turn it into a home run. He is equally effective in the slot and on the outside and can create mismatches in space and stretch the field. As a result, he is a factor in the passing game in all three phases.

He is a tough, aggressive receiver, who will make the catch and get upfield quickly. He does not shy away from contact when running with the ball or when blocking for others. With a year in the strength and conditioning could become a lethal weapon for the Volunteers.

Sam Reynolds

Scouting Report: (3/9/2020) It is easy to look at Sam Reynolds height and project him as a defensive back – that was my instinct as well. However, when I turned on the film, I saw a player that reminded me very much of K.J. Hamler from Penn State.

Reynolds can drive off the line and accelerate rapidly. He closes the gap and can get on the toes of defenders in a hurry. He has a low center of gravity that gives him controlled cuts and burst out of the breaks. He is capable of double moves and the ability to stutter when setting DBs up on deeper routes. He shows excellent precision and foot quickness to sharply cut and explode out.

Reynolds is not a very big target but he does pluck away from his frame and transition quickly up field. He is at his best in space after the catch. He is also capable of stretching the field and taking the top off the defense. He shows sudden wiggle with the ball in his hands and can freeze defenders in space to extend plays.

He will win his fair share of footraces but his biggest impact early in his career may be as a punt return man. He could be a field position changer in this area as he continue to develop as a wide receiver but has a very high ceiling as a game-changing receiver.

Kadarius Calloway

Kadarius Calloway is one of the most intriguing prospects in the nation. I am not a fan of giving players listed as athletes high rankings. Normally if a player doesn’t have a defined position before they arrive on campus, they’re unlikely to live up to the hype. They will spend much of their college career trying to find where they fit in best. Just because a player is good at several things in high school, does not mean he will be great at one thing in college.

Calloway is different because he could develop to an All-SEC player at two positions.

As a receiver, he is a natural, confident pass catcher with quick, strong hands. He demonstrates very good body control with the ability to adjust to throws outside of frame and can track the ball well over his shoulder. He led his high school in receiving yards (770) while averaging over 25 yards a catch.

As a Safety, he could utilize his excellent range and wingspan to make plays in pass coverage. He consistently gets a good break on the ball and is quick to get in position to undercut. He gets over routes as well with ease and has excellent high-point and ball skills.

Calloway Wins most 50/50 balls and provides great matchups on taller receivers in the red-zone. He has experience in man and understands the concepts of press coverage and gaining leverage with his long arms.

For NFL potential, he might best fit at safety. However, I believe he would be most effective at the collegiate level as a wide receiver in Mike Leach’s system.